Dev Web Server for Azure Web Roles

by Rok Bermež 27. January 2011 13:17
Windows Azure uses 64 bit architecture so all dlls deployed to it must also be 64 bit. This poses significat development problem since 'Visual Studio Development Server'  and IIS Express run in 32 bit process. You can always use complete IIS, but it would be better if there was something more l... [More]


Azure | IIS | Visual Studio | Web

SharePoint User Code Service not starting

by Robi 17. January 2011 11:42
I tried to publish a sandbox solution on SharePoint Server and was getting error that Sandbox Code service server was not found. I checked in Central Administration and found out, that Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service was running and that SharePoint 2010 User Code Host Ser... [More]


Administration | Development | SharePoint 2010

MVC3 Windows Azure Deployment

by Rok Bermež 14. January 2011 12:12
For RTM version of MVC 3 make sure the deployment contains following dlls: Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure System.Web.Helpers System.Web.Mvc System.Web.Razor System.Web.WebPages System.Web.WebPages.Deployment System.Web.WebPages.Razor  


ASP.NET | Azure | mvc

Windows Azure Full IIS

by Rok Bermež 10. January 2011 23:00
Some time ago I wrote how to deploy multitenant application to the Cloud. The process was tricky at best. With new Windows Azure SDK 1.3 things just got a lot simpler and I absolutely love it. The feature is called Full IIS and allows your web roles to access the full range of web server features th... [More]


.Net | c# | Azure

MultipleGenericBindingGenerator for Ninject.Extensions.Conventions

by Rok Bermež 10. January 2011 17:55
Ninject.Extensions.Conventions provides convention based binding for Ninject modeled after the StructureMap 2.5 AssemblyScanner by Jeremy Miller. When StructureMap users can use something like: Scan(scanner => { scanner.AssembliesFromApplicationBaseDirectory(as... [More]


.Net | c# | ASP.NET | mvc | Web


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