SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 2

by Robi 13. March 2018 21:20
It has become something of a habit for Microsoft to announce many new features for its products before and during the annual Ignite conference and it was no different this year. Feature pack 2 The cumulative September 2017 update brought with it not just minor fixes. It also included the SharePoin... [More]


SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 and MIM 2016

by Robi 13. March 2018 21:18
Part 2 In my previous article, I described the procedure for successfully installing Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 on a server. We described the prerequisites for a successful installation of the MIM 2016 synchronization service. In this article, we will take a look at what needs to be done to in... [More]


SharePoint 2016 | Microsoft Identity Manager

O365 and PowerShell

by Robi 13. March 2018 21:14
Part 1 There has been quite a rise in migrations to the O365 platform lately, so I decided to present the different possibilities for managing the O365 environment with PowerShell scripts. In order to properly manage O 365 with scripts, each service needs to be handled in a slightly different way a... [More]


Office365 | PowerShell

MIM 2016: Synchronization Service

by Robi 13. March 2018 21:11
In my previous article, I described the basic components of MIM 2016 Server. In this and future articles we will take a closer look at what MIM 2016 has to offer and how we can set up synchronization with different data sources. MIM 2016 Components MIM 2016 Server has the following components: Co... [More]


Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

by Robi 13. March 2018 21:08
SharePoint, DirSync and Azure AD Connect are just some of the products that use Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 to synchronize identities in the background. Therefore, Office 365 and the federation of domains between your on premise Active Directory and Azure AD depends on the successful synchroniza... [More]



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