Crawling MySites on https

by Robi 6. August 2013 15:10
Small trick… If you are going to crawl My Sites which are configured on https, you need to set your content source to crawl sps3s://mysites instead of sps3://mysites. If you try to crawl sps3 when your mysites web application is configured with SSL, you get the: »Object not found« Error in your cra... [More]


SharePoint | SharePoint 2013

UserProfileApplicationProxy.ApplicationProperties ProfilePropertyCache does not have a1097ef1-f31e-4145-88c1-ca2fd5c8c836

by Robi 7. March 2013 15:59
I'm playing around with SharePoint Server 2013 and configuring Service applications, trying out different installs and, well everything I can think of.  Few days ago I tried configuring synchronization of profile pictures from AD, which of course was working without any issues. But when I tried t... [More]


SharePoint 2013

Picture gallery with Galleria and Content Query Web part

by Robi 13. August 2012 09:56
Following E. Struyf 's Blog for making a picture gallery from the assets library: Making an Image Gallery Inside the Asset Library: Part 1 - E. Struyf 's Blog I thought that it has to be a way to get pictur... [More]


SharePoint | SharePoint 2010 | Development

Send document as attachment from search results

by Robi 4. May 2012 11:13
Client of ours wanted to have a new functionality in search results so that users could send documents they find in search as attachments. So I began digging into xsl which search result core uses to display search result and come up with the following solution. To get to the xsl for search co... [More]



Display members of AD group in SharePoint 2010 - Updated

by Robi 3. January 2012 13:19
Hi, I updated the Display members of AD groups in ShaePoint 2010. Now the solution has a new look and as what one of my friends, Christian Stahl suggested I added links to members of groups and groups to display detailed info about user. If you use SharePoint Server 2010 and you have my sites conf... [More]


SharePoint 2010


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