Removing notes from PowerPoint slides

by Rok Bermež 1. June 2009 12:17
Sometimes before publishing presentation slides online it is a good idea to remove the notes. This VBA macro can be used to do this quicly on all slides at once: Sub DelNotes() Dim oSld As Slide For Each oSld In ActivePresentation.Slides If oSld.NotesPage.Shapes.Count > 0 Then o... [More]


MS Office

NTK 2009 Predavanja Rok Bermež

by Rok Bermež 26. May 2009 12:42
'Mesh-enabled' spletne aplikacije  Mesh_enabled_web_apps.pptx (5,41 mb) PHP na Windows 2008 srežniku PHP_na_win2008.pptx (1,15 mb) Delavnica: Team Foundation Server Materiali za delavnico so na voljo tule: VSTS2008.xps (9,35 mb) Prezentacija: Delavnica_TFS.pptx (730,66 kb) Virtualke pa: VPC: ht... [More]


Paste XML as XElement

by Rok Bermež 22. May 2009 11:17
Generating XML in c# can be a time consuming task. 'Paste XML as XElement' Visual Studio extension can save you a lot of time. You can find this extension in Visual Studios samples directory:C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Samples\1033\CSharpSamples.zipExtract PasteXmlAsLinq proje... [More]


.Net | c# | Visual Studio

Hosting a WCF Service in IIS 7

by Rok Bermež 20. May 2009 14:09
Hosting classic ASP.NET web services on IIS7 work out of the box, while WCF services do not. In order to enable them you have to run (with administrative privileges) this command"%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\ServiceModelReg.exe" -r –yIf WCF service is ... [More]


.Net | ASP.NET

ASP.NET Profile in Visual Studio 2008 Web Application Project

by Rok Bermež 18. May 2009 15:35
I like and use Web Application Project way more than 'Web site' type project. The only problem with it is, that  ASP.NET Profiles are not supported out of the box. Workaround for this is ASP.NET WebProfile Generator, which you can find and download here on codeplex.


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