Using Windows Azure Connect

by Rok Bermež 15. February 2012 18:25
Windows Azure Connect enables Windows Azure users to set up secure, IP-level network connectivity between their Windows Azure hosted services and local (on-premises) resources. To set it up, you must first connect to the Windows Azure Management portal and enable it for your subscription. Next... [More]



Reduced Pricing on SQL Azure and New 100MB Database Option

by Rok Bermež 14. February 2012 18:09
Great news for SQL Azure subscribers! Microsoft announced last Tuesday significant changes to the pricing structure, resulting in 48% to 75% savings for databases larger than 1GB. Also, the 100MB database option enables customers to get started using this cloud-base relational DB engine at half of t... [More]


Windows Azure Compute monitoring & diagnostics

by Rok Bermež 10. January 2012 18:00
Windows Azure Diagnostics enables you to collect diagnostic data from an application running in Windows Azure. You can use diagnostic data for debugging and troubleshooting, measuring performance, monitoring resource usage, traffic analysis and capacity planning, and auditing. After the diagnostic d... [More]


Automatic SQL Azure backup part 1

by Rok Bermež 18. November 2011 14:24
Backup for SQL Azure was one of the most voted-on features since the beginning. Sure, we had SQL Migration wizard, BCP, SSIS, PowerShell cmdlets from Cerebrata , and later a very nice tool from RedGate (that I still use a lot) - SQL Azure backup. All of them have one flaw, there are either impossibl... [More]


c# | Azure | SQL

Windows Azure toolkit for Windows 8

by Rok Bermež 15. September 2011 18:20
Maximize the potential of your Windows Metro style app with Windows Azure. Building a cloud service to support rich Windows Metro style apps is even easier with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8. This tool is designed to accelerate development so that developers can start enabling Windows 8 fe... [More]



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