Microsoft open sources more of its ASP.NET technologies

by Rok Bermež 28. March 2012 18:55
Microsoft is allowing outside contributors to patch and submit potential features for ASP.NET Web API and Web Pages as part of its latest open-sourcing move. Find out more:


Azure Traffic Manager

by Rok Bermež 28. March 2012 17:51
For any large website, managing traffic globally is critical to the architecture for both disaster recovery and load balancing. Here comes the Azure Traffic Manager, a geo load balancer and durability solution for your cloud solutions. With it you can prop up large, redundant, durable, distributed a... [More]


Oracle z oblaka

by Rok Bermež 27. March 2012 12:41
Oracle z oblaka Včasih dobi kdo fiksno idejo, da integracija med aplikacijami pomeni pisanje ene aplikacije direktno v podatkovno bazo druge. V primeru, da naša aplikacije teče v Microsoftovem oblaku, druga pa uporablja Oracle podatkovno bazo skrito na neki skriti interni mreži, pridemo do za... [More]


.Net | Azure | Visual Studio

Using Windows Azure Connect

by Rok Bermež 15. February 2012 18:25
Windows Azure Connect enables Windows Azure users to set up secure, IP-level network connectivity between their Windows Azure hosted services and local (on-premises) resources. To set it up, you must first connect to the Windows Azure Management portal and enable it for your subscription. Next... [More]



Reduced Pricing on SQL Azure and New 100MB Database Option

by Rok Bermež 14. February 2012 18:09
Great news for SQL Azure subscribers! Microsoft announced last Tuesday significant changes to the pricing structure, resulting in 48% to 75% savings for databases larger than 1GB. Also, the 100MB database option enables customers to get started using this cloud-base relational DB engine at half of t... [More]



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