Multiple Websites on one WebRole

by Rok Bermež 28. August 2011 17:54
With Windows Azure SDK 1.3, you can run multiple Web Sites in a single Web role. Prior to Windows Azure SDK 1.3, each Web role ran a single Web application. This constraint was largely because Web roles were hosted in IIS Hosted Web Core where a single application was bound to a single HTTP/HTTPS en... [More]


Azure AppFabric Cache HowTo

by Rok Bermež 2. May 2011 19:24
Well since we now have Azure AppFabric Cache available, let’s get a head start on how to use it in your Cloud ASP.NET (MVC) application. First, you need to have AppFabric 1.0 April Refresh SDK installed on your machine so grab it at here. Next, go to Windows Azure Management portal. Log ... [More]


.Net | c# | Azure

Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service Released

by Rok Bermež 30. April 2011 10:52
Finally the Azure thingy I’ve been waiting for the most. From the official source: Today we are excited to announce that the Caching service has been released as a production service.   The Caching service is a distributed, in-memory, application cache service that accelerates the perfor... [More]


.Net | Azure

Manualy Submiting Unobtrusive MVC 3 Ajax Form

by Rok Bermež 21. April 2011 14:21
If you want to submit Ajax.BeginForm created ajax form a simple this.form.submit() wont work. Well to be exact it will, but not as it was intended. In order to make it work like expected, we can do it like this:   Html.DropDownList("selPredavanja",ViewBag.Lectures as SelectList,new { onchange ... [More]


ASP.NET | mvc | Web

Windows Azure Cache Dependency

by Rok Bermež 10. April 2011 23:07
We are supposed to get Windows AppFabric Cache real soon, but till than form time to time we need to synchronize content cached inside our Web roles. SqlDependency is one way, but it cannot solve all problems (especialy those that are not based on SQL data). So to help with the matter I wrote AzureS... [More]


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