Windows Azure Full IIS

by Rok Bermež 10. January 2011 23:00
Some time ago I wrote how to deploy multitenant application to the Cloud. The process was tricky at best. With new Windows Azure SDK 1.3 things just got a lot simpler and I absolutely love it. The feature is called Full IIS and allows your web roles to access the full range of web server features th... [More]


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MultipleGenericBindingGenerator for Ninject.Extensions.Conventions

by Rok Bermež 10. January 2011 17:55
Ninject.Extensions.Conventions provides convention based binding for Ninject modeled after the StructureMap 2.5 AssemblyScanner by Jeremy Miller. When StructureMap users can use something like: Scan(scanner => { scanner.AssembliesFromApplicationBaseDirectory(as... [More]


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T4MVC templates for strongly typed ASP.MVC

by Rok Bermež 10. January 2011 12:19
T4 templates for strongly typed ASP.MVC   MVC is a software pattern, that has been first introduced 1979 by Norwegian scientist Trygve Reenskaug.  The idea was to decouple the tight knot between views and models, to have a much more control over the software. For example, very known AS... [More]


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C# and PHP functions

by Rok Bermež 8. January 2011 14:45
Recently I had to create .NET project that was based on legacy php application. The problem was thet old applications data needed to be preserved and that included hashed passwords for substential current user base. Old application used two hashing mechanisms, md5 (no problem) and oldpassword mysql ... [More]


... azure looks back at you

by Rok Bermež 8. January 2011 14:22
It’s been a month since Azure SKD 1.3 has been released with a lot of new features. Let’s take a look at the ability to user Remote Desktop Connection to your roles first.In order to enable this feature we must configure our deployments to support it. The easiest way to do so is to right... [More]


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