SBSC – 2012.04 – PowerShell

by joze 10. April 2012 13:51
I was presenting at SBSC on 10th of April. Attached to this post is my presentation. In it you can hopefully find some useful resources that will help you do the things you do a little faster. SBSC - 2012.04 - PowerShell


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Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 SP1 available for download

by joze 12. April 2011 12:38
RSAT Client is the collection of Windows Server management tools which enable IT professionals to manage their Windows Server infrastructure from their PCs running Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 7. This is the list of Windows Server administration tools which are included in RSAT Client for Win7 SP1: Server Administration Tools: Server Manager Role Administration Tools: Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) Tools Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Tools Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) Tools DHCP Server Tools DNS Server Tools File Services Tools Hyper-V Tools Terminal Services Tools Feature Administration Tools: BitLocker Password Recovery Viewer Failover Clustering Tools Group Policy Management Tools Network Load Balancing Tools SMTP Server Tools Storage Explorer Tools Storage Manager for SANs Tools Windows System Resource Manager Tools Download page at Microsoft Download Center: RSAT for Windows 7 with SP1 If you followed my previous post on how to manually install RSAT tools on Windows 7 with SP1 you can also install this update on your PC over existing RSAT tools.


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SloWUG–2011.03–Freeware tools for administration

by joze 10. March 2011 13:59
Yesterday I was presenting at SloWUG. Attached to this post is my presentation. In it you can hopefully find some useful resources that will help you do the things you do a little faster. Brezplacna orodja in administracija.pptx


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SharePoint User Code Service not starting

by Robi 17. January 2011 11:42
I tried to publish a sandbox solution on SharePoint Server and was getting error that Sandbox Code service server was not found. I checked in Central Administration and found out, that Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service was running and that SharePoint 2010 User Code Host Service was set to automatic but not running. In the event logs, I found out, that I have errors in system logs: Event Id: 7031, 7034; source: Service Control Manager; details: The SharePoint 2010 User Code Host service terminated unexpectedly. I found out, that service account that was running Sandbox code service needs to have access to performance counters on the server. So what you need to do is pretty simple, you need to grant service account access to counters and you can do it by adding service account as a member of local group Performace Monitor Users in Server Manger.   Voila, after adding user to Performace Monitor Users everything works as expected.


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Windws Server backup on Windows Server 2008 R2 crashing

by Robi 8. December 2010 12:19
So I wanted to change backup location of my Windows Server backups and everytime I wanted to remove or change backups the MMC was crashing. So I wanted to do it in Windows PowerShell and found out, that by default Windows Powershell does not have module to manage Windows backups. What you need to do is to add snapin for Windows Backup by typing: Add-PSSnapin windows.serverbackup Then you get all the commands that you can find here: So, to completely remove backups from Windows Server Backups, just type: Remove-WBPolicy -All and confirm it with: y. Now, I can configure new backup set inside Windows Server backup MMC. voilà




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