SharePoint User Code Service not starting

by Robi 17. January 2011 11:42
I tried to publish a sandbox solution on SharePoint Server and was getting error that Sandbox Code service server was not found. I checked in Central Administration and found out, that Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service was running and that SharePoint 2010 User Code Host Service was set to automatic but not running. In the event logs, I found out, that I have errors in system logs: Event Id: 7031, 7034; source: Service Control Manager; details: The SharePoint 2010 User Code Host service terminated unexpectedly. I found out, that service account that was running Sandbox code service needs to have access to performance counters on the server. So what you need to do is pretty simple, you need to grant service account access to counters and you can do it by adding service account as a member of local group Performace Monitor Users in Server Manger.   Voila, after adding user to Performace Monitor Users everything works as expected.


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Bulletproof Cross-Browser CSS Techniques

by Rok Bermež 13. October 2010 09:44
I've written up a summary of all tehniques and tricks for cross-browser CSS coding I've learned over [More]


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Handy jQuery developer plugins

by Rok Bermež 6. July 2010 12:32
I've commited a new plugin to my open source repository at Google Code – Niftyscripts. Currently, I' [More]

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Dealing with Error 404 on IIS7 using ASP.NET Routing

by Rok Bermež 15. June 2010 09:06
When you're deploying an ASP.NET website that uses the new Routing feature from MVC, you might run i [More]


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Building jQuery plugins, part 1

by Rok Bermež 10. November 2009 15:30
I've posted the first article in a series of articles on authoring jQuery plugins:
http://animalija. [More]


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