Creating a portable Eclipse install

by Rok Bermež 4. November 2009 12:00
I've put together a tutorial on making a portable version of Eclipse with no external dependencies. [More]

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Adding new WorkitemType to the existing Team Foundation (2008) Project

by Rok Bermež 16. September 2009 08:22
Recently a friend of mine had to add a new work item type to the template in the existing (and supposedly large project) so... here we go: Lets take a look at the existing work item types (MS agile template)   Next we export process template used in the project (menu:Team| Team Foundation Server Settings| Process Template Manager)  Now we have the current definitions so we can pick the closest one and modify it to suit our new needs   After its ready we can use a nice command line utility named witimport.exe that is located on the client computer in c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\ (use the /v switch to verify first)   And ta-ta-ra-ta the fruit of our work is available for use  


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A really simple Silverlight 2 PostIt application

by Rok Bermež 16. June 2009 13:45
During the Silverlight 2.0 introductory course I held last week, we've chosen to implement a simple [More]

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