SLOWUG - marec 2011

by Robi 10. March 2011 11:33
Pozdravljeni, objavljam prezentacijo, ki sem jo uporabil na SloWUG srečanju o namestitvi in konfiguraciji SharePoint 2010 Serverja. SLOWUG-SharePoint 2010 install_Config.pptx (2,30 mb)


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SharePoint Print List Item

by Robi 28. February 2011 15:05
Hi,   I received a question how to easily create a print form for a SharePoint list item. This is the easiest way I can think of. Open SharePoint Designer and open your list files. Create new aspx page. 2. Edit your newly created aspx page in Advanced mode. 3.Open you aspx page in split mode and click in to the design window. From the ribbon, choose Insert/SharePoint and select Custom List Form. 4.Select the list you want to create new list form for and select Display Form. 5. Insert HTML button and insert on click event handler to "window.print()" 6. Go to Allitems.aspx and open it in Advanced mode. Add column to the right and just type "Print Preview". 7. Add hyperlink to your text. 8.Browse to your custom list form and add "?ID={@ID}. 9. Try it out...   Hope it helps!!


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Cascading Dropdowns in InfoPath 2010

by Robi 8. December 2010 11:28
During one of my classes I got a question hot to make cascading dropdowns in InfoPath 2010 for SharePoint 2010, so here is a Visual How to: First, you have to make lists that will hold lookup data. I made a list called KategorjaNapake which is a category list and I made TipNapake list which is a Subcategory list. I made a reference to a category list with a lookup column.   SubCategory list with a reference to Category list, made with a lookup column. Columns in subcategory list: Create columns in main list for data. First I made a column for entering text data and the second column I made was a lookup column to a category list.   Here are the columns I made for a main list... Next, we will customize a SharePoint list form with InfoPath 2010... Insert a new line in InfoPath Form Insert a new dropdown field... Here, just click OK, we have to go into dropdown field properties to get more choices. If you want to display column name in SharePoint as TipNapake you have to change it here, so change field1 to name that you want to use. To create new data source for this field, go to properties Choose get choices from external data source and click Add. Pick SharePoint library or list... Pick List that you want to connect to... Choose fields that you want to have in your data source. It is very important here to also pick the category field. To create a cascading dropdowns, prepare yourself for a click fest. So click on the button next to Entries. Click Filter data Test the form in InfoPath... Click the Quick Publish Button... Test your form in SharePoint List....   voilà

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Battle with User Profile Service

by Robi 3. September 2010 14:32
I was configuring User Profile Service at one of our clients, and the problem was that after provisioning User Profile Service I was getting 6801 and 6803  errors in event log.   Central Administration site was using SSL, for example https://sharePointServer Following examples at I tried to fix things, but it didn't work for me... So, after using ULS Viewer and miisclient (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell\miisclient.exe) I found out that User profile service can not connect to the approprite Web Service. What I did was, I opened up a miisClient, opened Management Agents, right clicked on MOSS{guid} Extensible connectivity, clicked on Properties and Configure Connection Information. After trying to configure the right connection, I found out that even though Central Administration site is on URL https://sharepointserver, the user profile connection instead of connecting to direct://sharepointserver/_vti_bin/ProfileImportExportService.asmx?ApplicationID=27c26eca%2D6eeb%2D4da4%2D9012%2Da51e02baae9a, I entered: and everything started to work normaly.   I hope that helps  



SharePoint 2010 Servicve Accounts and Windows Server 2008 R2

by Robi 23. July 2010 09:16
Yesterday, I was was installing SharePoint Server 2010 at one of our clients and after the install I was getting this errors: User Profile Service Event ID 1511. It says that account could not log on to the computer and create a profile. After a little bit of research, I found out that all you have to do is edit a local group policy and than run a cmd and all of these errors are gone. So run a "gpedit.msc" on your WFE where you are getting these errors and go to Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights Assigneements and Search for Allow log on Locally Add the account for which you are getting errors. Then, start command prompt and run a command:  runas /user:kompas-xnet\sp_apppool cmd  Type the password and if you go to your users folder you should see a folder with your service account name. You can now remove Allow log on locally permission for the account.  Voila.  

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