Run As Different User

by Rok Bermež 1. June 2009 14:38
'Run As Different User' is implemented with hidden context menu that can be seen by using RightClick+SHIFT key on application icon. Using only RightClick Using SHIFT+RightClick


System Administration | Windows 7

Automatic ASR Backups

by Robi 13. May 2009 14:10
Some time ago I had to set up automatic asr backups in one company. The problem with asr backups is that you need to insert a floopy disk at the end of the backup so that the backup is completed successfuly. So that was not an option so I was searching again with my best friend google and found out this script: This gives you an option to fully automate asr backups WITHOUT inserting floppy disk at the end of the backup. But when everything seemed fine I came accross another issue and that is that i get following errors   So I added the switch /timeout:600 and everything worked fine for some time but then this error again, so I edited the switch /timeout:1000 and now asr backups on all servers are working fine.


System Administration


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