ASP.NET Profile in Visual Studio 2008 Web Application Project

by Rok Bermež 18. May 2009 15:35
I like and use Web Application Project way more than 'Web site' type project. The only problem with it is, that  ASP.NET Profiles are not supported out of the box. Workaround for this is ASP.NET WebProfile Generator, which you can find and download here on codeplex.


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How to convince VSTS Team Build to create a setup project.

by Rok Bermež 13. May 2009 13:08
Recently I had to configure companies Team Foundation Server to produce installers for the applications we are working on. Task seemed pretty straightforward at first, but then I realized that build definition for VSTS Team build won’t build a solutions setup project. Sometime later, however it was still possible to convince him to do so. Here is a quick walkthrough: 1. In solution properties enable build checkbox for the Release configuration for the setup 2. Create a build definition as you normally would. 3. Open the build definition project file (TFSBuild.proj) from source control and put following directive just before the end tag: <Target Name="AfterCompile"> <Exec Command="&quot;$(ProgramFiles)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\ Common7\IDE\devenv&quot; &quot;$(SolutionRoot)\Setup\Main\Corres\CorresSetup\CorresSetup.vdproj &quot; /Build &quot;RELEASE|Any CPU&quot;"/> <Copy SourceFiles="$(SolutionRoot)\Setup\Main\Corres\CorresSetup\ Release\CorresSetup.msi ; $(SolutionRoot)\Setup\Main\Corres\CorresSetup\Release\setup.exe" DestinationFolder="$(OutDir)" /> </Target> 4. Check in the changes  


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