A really simple Silverlight 2 PostIt application

by Rok Bermež 16. June 2009 13:45

During the Silverlight 2.0 introductory course I held last week, we've chosen to implement a simple collaborative app as a summary of the entire curriculum.

The application contains an interface to display and manage PostIts on a collaborative message board. It is currently capable of consuming an input XML which displays PostIts and already has two-way binding implemented for the purposes of communicating with a Web Service to enable collaboration. The solution does not contain a Web Service provider nor does it currently try to send updates to the Web Service, but that will be upgraded in due time. ;)

This is the draft version of the application, which we've built during the course as an interactive demonstration. Comments are practically nonexistent, but will be added in future iterations, along with upgrades. It's a nice refresher/starter for anyone giving Silverlight 2 a go. Just unzip in a convenient location and open the solution file in Visual Studio 2008.

Note: You should have the Silverlight Tools 2.0 for Visual Studio 2008 installed prior to opening this solution. Read the Get Started Building Silverlight 2 Applications from Silverlight.net to prepare your Visual Studio 2008 to support Silverlight 2.

MyPostItApp.zip (1.40 mb)

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c# | Development | Silverlight | Visual Studio

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