Advanced SharePoint Training in Ljubljana

by Robi 11. June 2009 12:17

We are announcing that from November 9th to November 13th we will have an advanced training on SharePoint with Shane Young!

Shane Young is a SharePoint 2007 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP and this is an opportunity you can not miss!

His bio:

It starts...

Well since the bandwagon has came and gone and these crazy blogs are still going strong I figured it was time for me to hop on. 


Since I am sure the first question you will have is “Why is it called the SharePoint Farmer’s Almanac?” I figured I would answer that one right off the bat.  I have always been a network admin type.  So in doing that I got to play with all types of server farms.  When I made the transition to SharePoint I was already comfortable with networks and servers so I figured I would learn the infrastructure side of SPS and grow from there.  So as I was moseying down that road I was asked to create a training course for SPS admins.  In the process of naming that class I came up with calling it SharePoint farmers (which got vetoed) so to help sell it I themed all of my modules with a farm overtone.  A great example was the Shared Services modules.  It had a great picture of a dancing cow and it was called “Your Local Coop” then the following module was called “SharePoint Farmers Market (or Now that I have turned on SharePoint what have I produced)”.  So good or bad that is kind of where the whole farm theme came from.  J


Here is a quick link to the course.


Ok. I guess question #2 is who am I?  Well, my name is Shane Young.  I am the owner of  We specialize in quick support on SharePoint.  I am a SharePoint Portal Server MVP and my profile out here has lots of bio information on my technical stuff so I will skip the rest of that.


Alright that is blah blah blah for now.  Time to write a technical article. 

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