Create site collection in target content database

by Robi 23. August 2014 11:02

I get a lot of question from my customers how to create site collection in specific content database. In Central Administration you do not have an option OOTB to create site collection and specify in which content database you would like to create it in.

This is the reason I created script that opens a form where you can select Web application, Managed Path, Content database, language and Template for a site collection.

You must enter data as seen on this screen shot.

Mandatory field are:

  1. managed path
  2. content database
  3. primary site collection admin
  4. site collection title
  5. site collection URL - note that this is just url after managed path
  6. language
  7. web template - it load templates based on language, compatibility level and not hidden.


This script supports creating site collection only with wildcard managed paths.

You can download a script here:


And I published the script to Office downloads and scripts as well.


Hope you like it.

CreateSiteCollectionInContentDb.ps1 (16.02 kb)


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