SharePoint Server 2010 Service Pack 1 PowerShell Changes

by Robi 30. June 2011 11:24

Here are some PowerShell Changes that came with SP1 for SharePoint Server 2010.

New cmdlets are:

  • Add-SPProfileLeader
  • Get-SPProfileLeader
  • Remove-SPProfileLeader
  • Remove-SPProfileSyncConnection
  • Add-SPProfileSyncConnection
  • Disable-SPHealthAnalysisRule
  • Enable-SPHealthAnalysisRule
  • Get-SPHealthAnalysisRule
  • Get-SPDeletedSite
  • Remove-SPDeletedSite
  • Restore-SPDeletedSite
  • Move-SPSocialComments

There are of course some changes to the existing cmdlets and here are a few that will be useful when configuring SharePoint Server 2010:

Used to move an RBS-enabled site collection from one RBS-enabled content database to another RBS-enabled content database without moving the underlying BLOB content. If the content database has more than one RBS provider associated with it, you must specify all providers. The same providers must be enabled on the target content database and the source content database."

    • New Parameter:AnalyticResultCacheMinimumHitCount <Int32>
    • New Parameters:DatabaseServer <string>,DatabaseName <string>,DatabaseFailoverServer <string>,DatabaseSQLAuthenticationCredential <PSCredential>

      This was the only Service Application that didn't allow us to set the database information when we created it so we were left with this nasty GUID in the name.

    • New Parameter:AnalyticResultCacheMinimumHitCount <Int32>
    • New Parameters:DatabaseServer <string>,DatabaseName <string>,DatabaseFailoverServer <string>,DatabaseSQLAuthenticationCredential <PSCredential>,DatabaseUseWindowsAuthentication
    • New Switch Parameter:Recycle


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