Microsoft Teams – How to Connect to Google Analytics

Microsoft Teams is an application that is slowly replacing Skype for Business. It is an application that allows users to make audio and video calls, conference calls, organize meetings and is very well integrated with Outlook. Besides the functionalities that were already available in Skype for Business, it is also a great application for teamwork – people can create teams, which are usually based on a group of people working towards the same goal (a department, project team etc.) and further break down those teams into channels (usually by specific topics).

One of the great things that Microsoft Teams can do is aggregate data from different sources into a specific channel, so people don’t have to waste time with opening a lot of different apps and navigating around them to find the information they want. One such source is Google Analytics.

To import Google Analytics reports about traffic on a page we own, we click on the three dots next to the channel we want to import the data into and select Connectors.

Next, we use the search field in the upper left corner of the dialogue box to search for Google Analytics and click Add and in the next windows we click Install. After Google Analytics has finished installing, click Configure.

In the next dialogue box, we select or add the Google account we would like to use with this connector. Then, based on the previous step, we select the Google Analytics account we want to use. Under Properties we will now be able to select the webpage (or multiple webpages) that we want to monitor in this channel and, under Frequency, how often we want the reports to be imported into the channel automatically.

After we have set everything up, we can click Save and close all other dialogue boxes. In our channel, Teams should already have imported a Google Analytics report. Based on the frequency that we configured, we will automatically be getting reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

If we ever change our mind, we can always click on the three dots next to the channel name again, select Connectors and reconfigure Google Analytics.

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