Send document as attachment from search results

by Robi 4. May 2012 11:13
Client of ours wanted to have a new functionality in search results so that users could send documents they find in search as attachments. So I began digging into xsl which search result core uses to display search result and come up with the following solution. To get to the xsl for search co... [More]



SBSC – 2012.04 – PowerShell

by joze 10. April 2012 13:51
I was presenting at SBSC on 10th of April. Attached to this post is my presentation. In it you can hopefully find some useful resources that will help you do the things you do a little faster. SBSC - 2012.04 - PowerShell


Administration | Windows Server | Windows 7 | PowerShell

Microsoft open sources more of its ASP.NET technologies

by Rok Bermež 28. March 2012 18:55
Microsoft is allowing outside contributors to patch and submit potential features for ASP.NET Web API and Web Pages as part of its latest open-sourcing move. Find out more:


Azure Traffic Manager

by Rok Bermež 28. March 2012 17:51
For any large website, managing traffic globally is critical to the architecture for both disaster recovery and load balancing. Here comes the Azure Traffic Manager, a geo load balancer and durability solution for your cloud solutions. With it you can prop up large, redundant, durable, distributed a... [More]


Oracle z oblaka

by Rok Bermež 27. March 2012 12:41
Oracle z oblaka Včasih dobi kdo fiksno idejo, da integracija med aplikacijami pomeni pisanje ene aplikacije direktno v podatkovno bazo druge. V primeru, da naša aplikacije teče v Microsoftovem oblaku, druga pa uporablja Oracle podatkovno bazo skrito na neki skriti interni mreži, pridemo do za... [More]


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