"Alert Me" feature and SharePoint 2013

by Robi 31. October 2013 13:58
In the previous few projects we had some issues involving alerts after upgrading or migrating to SharePoint 2013, so I wanted to explain how you can help yourself out when troubleshooting alerts in SP2013. I described here a few most common issues we were faced with. 1. The "Alert Me" Feature is n... [More]


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Windows Azure Storage Tables - drugi del

by Rok Bermež 13. September 2013 06:54
V prejšnjem članku smo naredili uvod v NoSql podatke v oblaku ter 'Windows Azure Storage', tokrat pa bomo nadaljevali z raziskovanjem 'Tables' aspekta te storitve. Dandanes obstaja mnogo podatkovnih platform od katerih ima vsaka svoje prednosti slabosti. Mnogo od teh deluje po konceptu NoSQLja, kar... [More]


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Upgrade Video

by Robi 27. August 2013 10:34
For the Ukrainian SharePoint Conference I recorded this video to present it at my session. I decided to make it public now so please, sit back, relax and enjoy it.    Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 Video


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Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 – part 2

by Robi 26. August 2013 15:19
In one of the previous blog posts I was talking about basic upgrade scenarios. We've looked at how to make the database attach method and then how to make upgrade of the site collection. In this article, I'll introduce how you can a variety of tools, get you a better insight into the farm that you ... [More]


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SharePoint Designer 2013 Crashing when using select people/groups from SharePoint site

by Robi 23. August 2013 16:56
Yesterday I was working on an issue where client wanted to use action in SharePoint Designer 2013 like Send Email to users and when Select people/Groups from SharePoint Site was clicked, SharePoint Designer just crashed. The same thing happened in InfoPath Designer 2013.  After investigating ... [More]


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