Office 365 PowerShell – Part 2

In the previous article of this series, I described how to prepare our environment with all the necessary software needed to connect to Office 365. We installed the following software:

  • Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant
  • Azure Active Directory Connect
  • Azure Active Directory PowerShell

After successfully installing, we connected to the cloud services using the following command:

Connect-MsolService -Credential (Get-Credential)

After that, we ran a few more commands to confirm that the PowerShell commands are being ran and executed. Read the rest

A Simple Way to Insert Bibliography in Word

Can you remember writing papers back in your student days? It probably wasn’t your favorite thing in the world to properly cite all of the sources you used in your paper. Perhaps you still have a need for this today, when you are writing scientific articles, doctoral dissertations etc. Read the rest

How to Migrate Social Comments to New URL

One of our clients had a requirement to move their intranet portal to a new URL. One of the things that went missing after the URL migration were “social comments” for which we used “Social comments component” to add commenting functionality to custom page layouts for news articles. Read the rest

Avtomatska namestitev SPFx Web Part na Classic Site znotraj SharePoint On-Prem

Tokrat bi rad z vami delil kompletno rešitev kako namestiti SPFx Web Part na Classic Site znotraj SharePoint On-Prem WSP solution paketa v štirih korakih:

  • Vključi SPFx Assets & Package datoteke v WSP
  • Namesti SPFx Web Part v SharePoint App Catalog znotraj WSP Feature-a
  • Namesti SPFx Web Part na Classic Site/Web znotraj WSP Feature-a (ta članek)
  • Vključi SPFx Web Part v Web Template

Ker je vsebine za en članek preveč, bom z vami delil samo tretji korak te rešitve (zgoraj odebeljen), moj najljubši, ostale pa si lahko ogledate na mojem blogu preko QR kode na koncu članka. Read the rest

WebPart Custom Settings

A WebPart is a component we can add to a SharePoint Site to perform a specific task and can be used multiple times. Each WebPart has settings that can be divided into three categories – Appearance, Layout and Advanced. Sometimes, these settings are enough, but we usually need to add our own categories of settings, that are specific to the WebPart we are developing. Read the rest

Office 365 PowerShell – Part 1

Lately, we have been doing a lot of migrations to Office 365. That’s why I decided to post a series of articles on the topic of managing our Office 365 environment using PowerShell scripts. To do this, we must approach each of the services a bit differently and it also requires some preparation, like additional software. Read the rest